Original copies of Vincentian Birth Certificates must be made by application to the registry officer in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Below you will find the relevant information.

What to do

Request for Birth Certificates must be made to the Registrar General on the attached application form. Applicants can only be made by persons aged 16 years and over

  1. Section A and B of application form should be completed by the applicant
  2. The form must be certified by a Justice of the Peace, Notary Public, Magistrate, Lawyer, Solicitor, Marriage Officer, Member of Parliament or Senior Police Officer.
  3. The person who certifies the application should also endorse two (2) recent passport sized photograph with the words: “I certify that this is a true photograph of the Applicant (Mr/Mrs/Miss)……..” and add his/her signature.
  4. The applicant should then bring the completed application and endorsed photographs to the High Commission for Saint Vincent with:
    1. Photographic proof of ID (current passport / Vincentian ID / Photographic Driving License / Armed Forces ID)
    2. Proof of address (Bank Statement / Utility Bill)
    3. Bank Draft/Cheque/International Money Order for the sum of £7 made payable to: ‘Accountant General’

Deed Poll

If your name has changed since the registration of your birth you will need to make the relevant changes by Deed Poll.

It may be possible for such a document to drawn up in the country you are currently resident. The said document should then be sent to a lawyer in SVG for submission to the Registry for the relevant changes to be made to the birth certificate. You may however wish to first discuss this matter with a lawyer in SVG since them have an alternative suggestion. A list of Vincentian lawyers is available on www.stvincentyp.com.

Once the relevant changes have been made you should request a new certificate which has been legalized by the registry

Who is permitted to apply

The following class of person will be permitted to apply for Birth Certificates:

  1. The owner of the Birth Certificate. He/she must present their Identification Card/Passport.
  2. The parents whose names are shown on the Birth Certificate. He/she must present their Identification Card/Passport.
  3. Children of the owner of the Birth Certificate. He/she must present their Identification Card/Passport and other official documentation which show that the relationship.
  4. Legal Guardian. A Court Order must be shown.
  5. An attorney acting on behalf of his client whom he/she knows for a minimum period of five (5)years. The Attorney must provide:
    • A letter of authorisation signed by the owner of the birth certificate;
    • A letter stating that he/she is acting for the owner of the Birth Certificate and authorising their Clerk to apply for and collect the Birth Certificate.
  6. Social Welfare Officer, Police Officers etc. A letter must be sent by these departments.
  7. A duly authorized person by the applicant. The applicant must submit:
    • A letter of authorization signed by the owner of the Birth Certificate.
    • A copy of the owner of the Birth Certificate Identification Card
    • If he owner of the Birth Certificate is living abroad a letter of authority is required which must be notarized.

Who to contact

For more information please contact:

The Registrar General
Registry Department
Court House Building
St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Telephone: +1(785) 456 1111 (ask for the Registry Department)
+1(784) 457 1220

+1(784) 451 2944
Fax: +1(784) 457 1888
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Application Form - Birth Certificate - click here

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